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By Galina Snurnikova on 12/9/2008 7:10 AM

Now I will describe conversion of functions created as external C libraries (dll) in Oracle. Usually these Oracle functions are defined as CREATE FUNCTION … AS external library … LANGUAGE C. The above statement publishes an external C library through a call specification. The similar specification in SQL Server can be written by means of CREATE FUNCTION… AS EXTERNAL NAME statement. Below, I will describe the steps how to deploy a C library in SQL Server. Suppose, we have the following user-define function defined as language C library in Oracle


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By Galina Snurnikova on 12/8/2008 7:54 AM

Oracle LOCALTIMESTAMP function returns current date and time in the session time zone. The returned value is of TIMESTAMP data type.  There can be two ways to convert this function to SQL Server 2005. The first is used when SQL Server database and client are situated in the same time zone. The second is used when SQL Server database and client are situated in different time zones. The problem is that GETDATE() function returns local time from SQL Server machine, not your local machine if you are connected to the server remo

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